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The forum turned into an angry debate. He said that he wore a suit in his HS swim class, and was convinced that the story of the boys wearing nothing was a massive joke perpetuated by the boys to tease the girls. At one point, the youngest girl walked a bit up the bank to look at a squirrel climbing around on a tree, which drew our attention. Vintage Photography and Film Gallery. My father was overseas due to the war, and mom worked nights, so I was alone. Swimming bare-assed naked in those swim classes was not such a big deal, particularly since a lot of us didn't have swimming trunks. Original link to discussion:

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My next stop, Johnston Junior High, was less stable, more threatening.

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Her name was Margaret, and she went by "Maggie". Although I don't know what was going on in her mind, the mother's actions, or rather, inaction, suggested to me she expected me to comply with her daughter's demand. But yes, times are different now and the Internet provides all such education and perhaps too much to kids these days. The office was never used and became a repository for old file boxes. Student life teemed with subcultures I had never seen.

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