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It's also possible that you have one female budgie that acts like a male. Therefore, it is male. I have 4 budgies all genders have been checked and my male budgies have either a purplish pink nose or a dark blue nose. Is it a girl? This was shot by Mistress Mara either just before or just after our session and featured on her twitter feed.

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Ms Jadis is a Sydney based dominatrix with a social media presence here.

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So, i took a closer look at my birds cere, and theres small dots of light blue? I am going to role with it most like a girl. I usually just end up transferring everything cleaned into the new cage, sticking them in and observing them for a couple days, which usually works perfectly, but the ideal way is the following So now he blackmailed me! The only way to be sure with this one unless he starts laying eggs is to have his DNA checked by a vet who can then tell you if it's a he or she. Hmmm, that's a tough one.

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